Fo pleisters transparant copy

Fo is a wandering, wondering and pondering swan, created by the hands of Malon Bakker, whose all of a sudden, out of nowhere, felt the urge to start drawing,
developing and expanding the horizon of this small, appealing animal. Fo is a caring creature that arose without any reason or purpose nor plan or effort and has
no specific goal in life but to live it. It’s like Fo manifested herself and all of a sudden appeared onto the miracle that we call today’s world. And that’s exactly the
way Fo moves; with no clue where to walk and where the paths lead she simply stranded and landed upon a white paper sheet and in the now, she paints upon
a pale picture with colors that fit and admire her.

But Fo, although a blanc page, is not a dumb little fellow. Fo is intelligent and courageous, eager and brave and wants desperately to taste the world she fell upon.
Fo is hungry for life, wants to drink from fountains of knowledge to acquire, longs to discover newfangled interests and rides the roller-coaster of many adventures,
risks to take and chances to discover fresh experiences that are waiting to be taken in. And mainly because of Fo’s spontaneity, curiosity and sometimes humble naivety,
Fo gets into loads of good trouble that undoubtedly lead to funny, amusing and hilarious situations presented in a playful and educative way. The authors’ fingers spread
Fo-tales of life that unravel the process of our cute and cuddly bird, in ability of sailing and streaming amidst her feathers by reading up on the stories and gazing through
the illustrations that are presented among her Fo-tale lines.

And besides energetic and vivid, Fo is also soft and serene and lives her life in harmony and balance in the presence of close family and friends. Fo and co. love, cherish
and trust each other and enjoy the precious moments of happiness shared together. Fo teaches about acceptance, history, forgiving, health, intimacy, art and hope
and comes to insights by spending time in nature, surrounded by the tranquility of time and timelessness. Fo and co. are strongly bounded and can not but in physical
distance be separated and Fo will never in the heart she carries, deceive, reject or selfishly please the unnecessary. Fo is warmhearted, multi-faceted, honest, patient, open
and to the most deep vulnerability able to show herself with all her flaws, falses and insecurities. Fo does not hide and knows no pride and does not consist of any
preservatives or additions. Fo is plain purity and Fo is real.

In course of time Fo started to grow toward the mind of the creator and, like a child following the footsteps of her parents, that is what Malon started to make her do.
Fo is my baby”, Malon speaks, “as if she was born out of the essence of my own core”. And now, as Fo grows older, Fo starts to become and turn into some sort
of alter ego that goes through the stream of life that Malon has been, goes and will go through, in total respect of Fo‘s own authority and autonomy.

So here she is. Fo welcomes you with grace, is grateful and gratifies and wants to grasp total understanding of the inner and outer world. Constantly asking herself
how, when, whom, where and why, desiring to catch all nerves of the earth and what’s around and exposing what each single one contains when it comes to going
back to basics, Fo makes you glimpse diamonds alongside her wings, revealing that every inch of the past, the present and the future has royalty and wealth and the
worth to will to want and wish for. And, as Fo says: “in realisation of having no control of any outcome and the total powerlessness of breathing: keep dreaming.
Because if you believe, you might conceive, achieve and receive